The goal of this video was simple: to show how easy it was to get to Gary Gruner’s Chevrolet. They wanted to show people that even though their dealership was a little more than an hour away, the trip was easy and the savings were well worth the journey. For this spot, we filmed in multiple locations between Bend and Madras, Oregon.

This was a fun project, because we got to buck the traditional car commercial and come up with something absolutely original. For the parachute scene in particular, we had to get creative. We set up a green screen and hung rigging from the ceiling in order to film that scene. This video was widely remembered and greatly increased the brand awareness of Gary Gruner’s.

The Marketing Dept.
Marshall Burgtorf
Paul Powers

The good people at WK Studios are truly talented at what they do. I’ve been quite impressed by the scope and quality of what they are able to produce and conceptualize. I would feel comfortable referring them to anyone in my network knowing that Paul will give honest and accurate feedback and seems to genuinely care about the client’s goals.

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