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WK Studios takes your project from ideation all the way through to completion, including video distribution after the final export.

You can create the most engaging video marketing content, but if you don’t market to the right audiences, they may never see it. We help you get your video content in front of the people who matter – your ideal customers. In the digital age, there are more places than ever to share your videos, but choosing the right platform is huge.

Digital Video Distribution

The best video production companies offer distribution options for their clients’ videos to ensure that the content reaches not just AN audience, but is targeted to reach the exact audience the client needs. Today, there are countless targeted distribution channels and WK Studios can help you with digital video distribution.

Social Video Distribution
Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Reddit there are ample social media platforms to deliver your video content to the right audience. Not every video should be served to every audience on every platform, which means you need a partner to help you find your audience. For example, B2B content performs better on LinkedIn, while B2C content thrives on Facebook and Instagram.
Streaming Services
The prevalence of video streaming services provides advertisers with a unique opportunity to target customers while watching their favorite shows. WK Studios can assist with distributing your videos to online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu. We work within your budget to find the right video distribution source — from commercial video ads on Hulu to getting your documentary streaming on Netflix.
Online Video Distribution
From embedding your video content on your website and campaign landing pages to using it in email marketing newsletters and blogs, we can help you develop and implement an online video distribution strategy.
Public Relations
Through public relations, we can reach out to media sources to get your video content in front of the right eyes. Social media influencer marketing works great for video distribution depending on your brand and business goals.
Cable and Network Television
Whether running a local, regional or national video campaign, television distribution is still relevant for many brands. We can create a television video distribution strategy for your brand, advertising on the channels watched most frequently by your target audience.
Airline Video Distribution
Depending on your industry, advertising through on-flight programming may be a desirable distribution channel for your brand. We can assist with airline video distribution to get your brand in front of your target audience on their next flight.

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Video Distribution for Agencies and Companies

We love partnering with marketing agencies and firms to create video content for your clients and brands. If you need assistance with video distribution for your clients, we can help. At WK Studios, we see ourselves as the video department for companies. Whether you have an in-house video department that needs help at the edge of their abilities or you need a complete video production company to build your brand, WK Studios fits your unique video marketing needs.

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