The Voice of Justice

Some time ago we were privileged to work along side some very talented people in the production of “The Voice of Justice”.  It was written by Micah Bournes and Chris Cambell and directed by Nate Salciccioli.  The video premiered at the 2011 Justice Conference.  White Knuckle provided the lighting and our very own Marshall Burgtorf operated the camera crane.

Directed By: Nate Salciccioli
Script By: Micah Bournes and Chris Cambell
Produced By: Nate Salciccioli and Matthew Smith
Cinematography By: Benjamin Edward and Nate Salciccioli
Lighting/Crane Operation/Grips By: Marshall Burgtorf
Score By: Ben Larson and Reed Reimer
Editing By: Chad Mazzara and Jerod Wanner
Color Grading: Nate Salciccioli and Jerod Wanner
Additional Edits: Nate Salciccioli
Justice: Lauren Edwards
Injustice: Micah Bournes

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