The video you will never see

The above video masterfully shows the creative process in action.  The detailed work; the attention to detail; the beautiful results.  It inspires us to think, “I want to do that.  I want to push the creative envelope and make a masterpiece.

While White Knuckle has nothing to do with the above production, I can confidently say that there was more involved in creating this work of art than what you see in 4 minutes.  How do I know?  Because the results you see  tell the story of what you will never see.  The beautiful finished artwork tells me the story of hours (days???  weeks???) in between cuts.  While the video highlights one meticulous stroke, it literally skips hundreds more.  It’s what goes on in between cuts (that which you will never see) which makes what you see a true masterpiece.

It’s the same in video production.  The producers finished products scream of what our audience will never see.

So what do they see in our videos?

Do they see the detailed concept that kept your mind spinning even on the weekends? Do they see the delicate plot twists that kept  you scripting long after you should be in bed?  Do they see the “One more take” that made your cast and crew sigh?  Did they see the slight move in lighting which makes your subjects look “just so”? Do they see those extra hours of color grading, the one more edit, the stabilization of the shot? or do they see… “it’s good enough.”

Our videos plainly show what people will never see.  So what do your videos show about you?

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