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Guatemala Habitat for Humanity and Family Access Network

This is one of the most epic projects we have ever had the privilege of working on: The ten days in Guatemala were made more awesome by the incredible Habitat staff, the first class team from first Presbyterian Church in Bend, OR and of course, the amazing fun film crew that came with us.  Special […]

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Ideas are the new Currency

As creative professionals we’re constantly trying to figure out what the market is doing?  What kind of creative work is reaching people? Sure there’s the obvious stuff like “that’s a cool camera angle”, or “that’s a great use of that effect”,  but what really catches our eye, (and I believe the eyes of clients and […]

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More Justice Conference Photos

Here are some more amazing Justice Conference photos from our good friend Kimberly Sink.  Check out her page HERE. Kimberly is also part of the amazing team at Pneuma 33 (HERE).  Pneuma offers everything from website and graphic design to video production (care of White Knuckle), to photography, SEO and more. Click on a thumbnail […]

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Some more recent work

Things are busy at the studio.  Marketing videos, online cooking show, and we are currently working with Whole Foods Market to produce a series of training videos for the Northwest Region. Here are the last two cooking episodes as well as some of our other recent work. Hammer whips up some grilled fruit with an […]

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Opportunities and Challenges of the new video ladscape

The landscape of video production is changing at an alarming rate. The digital revolution rolls on as standards change from HD to 2, 4, 6, and even 8K.  Sub $5,000 cameras (especially DSLRs) allow the kid down the street take shots that would have required a full crew less than a decade ago.  Video sites […]

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I love Bend, Oregon!

For those of you that are fortunate enough to live in beautiful Bend, Oregon you may have seen me around town today.  I visited several businesses to tell them about the special we are running until the end of the month.  It was great to visit and get to know many of you.  I really […]

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The Joy of the Cooking Show

Our host Michael Hammer has been willing to go where many hosts dare not.  Today we convinced Hammer to stand along the side of the road in a middle of a snow storm.  The complaining was minimal, the good times was at an all time high!  Hammer has been great to work with and we […]

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