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Combine Corporate and Social Video Filming to Reduce Costs

With the end of the year looming, many companies like yours have started thinking about and planning their 2020 marketing budgets. Smart companies know that video is an essential component in that plan, but what kind of video? Brand stories, testimonial videos, product videos, advertisements, social media videos — they all have a place in […]

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Branded Narrative is Scientifically Proven to Make a Difference in Marketing

Think of the marketing and advertising campaigns that have impacted you most, that have swayed you in one direction or the other on a certain product, service or cause. The most effective marketing campaigns evoke emotion in consumers, moving them to take action. Many marketers look to impressions through social and digital advertising, but without […]

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We are attention brokers

As video producers,  we make our living trying to capture people’s attention.   Attention is the currency,  and we are the brokers.   Every time we conceptualize that TV commercial, upload that video or post on Instagram we are hoping to capture the attention of our target audience.  How many of them will view,  like,  share? How […]

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Branding is a slow burn…. but a longer term investment

I love commercials. I know…I’m the odd man out. In fact, I’ll share a little secret with you: When I watch TV, I mostly skip the shows and look for the ads. I’ve noticed that big names do Branding commercials while small businesses create informational commercials. This got me to thinking, and here’s what I came up with […]

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Cleaners, Marketers and Prayer People

Here’s a few of the most recent projects from the world of White Knuckle Studios. We were approached by Cathy’s Cleaners to create an ad highlighting the fact that they had complimentary pick up and delivery. A fast turn around project to advertise a marketing firms series of workshops. A fun video for the Central […]

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Pneuma 33 (for complete Marketing)

White Knuckle Studios has joined up with other creative talented people as the video arm of “Pneuma 33”. Pneuma 33 offers complete marketing packages including:  Graphic Design, website design, photography, and video production. Here’s a video that we produced for P33.  Find out more at pneuma33.com

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