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social media video production
Social media offers brands a huge opportunity to connect with potential and existing customers with video content.

WK Studios offers social media video production, which allows you to integrate video into your social media marketing strategy. Use social media videos to build relationships with your customers, increase brand perception and awareness and for hyper-targeted advertising. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, all social media platforms continue to report increases in video views and engagement. Amplify your social media strategy with high-quality video content consistent with your branding.

Why Social Media Videos?

Every social media strategy needs to include video in order to keep up with this continually rising content trend. Video is the most consumer form of media on the Internet and preferred by consumers. Incorporating video into your social media marketing strategy offers an array of benefits, including:

Increase Engagement
Video is now the most engaging type of content. Nearly every social media platform has a native video component because it drives engagement better than any other type of content. Encourage users to interact and engage with your brand using social media videos.
Brand Awareness
Social media videos have been proven to deliver positive ad recall and brand awareness. Give users a peek into your brand and influence brand perception by sharing unique video content they’ve never seen before.
Generate Leads
Video helps users the advantages of your product, service or event better. Demonstrations on your social media help drive users to your website to make a purchase or inquire for information. Sharing video helps generate leads and increase the chances of a sale.
Create niche videos for your target market and then use social media advertising to focus on those demographics based on their interests, life events, location and even the friends of your fans. Reach the right people at the right time with the right message using social media video.
Build Trust
Content marketing works to build trust and create long-term relationships with your customers. Building trust with your customers helps turn them into advocates for your brand, spreading the word about your content. Video gives your customers more confidence to purchase.
Quality Matters
Viewers have come to expect high-quality, creative content on their feeds. If you want to impress and inform viewers, increase website conversions, generate leads and build community with your audience, quality social media videos matter.

Social Media Videos +
Brand Narrative

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WK Studios specializes in creating video brand narratives that tell your story.

When you choose to work with us to create your brand narrative, we can also combine filming sessions to create social media videos consistent with your brand messaging. Packaging your video projects helps increase brand consistency throughout your marketing campaigns and makes your marketing dollars go the extra mile. Blending these projects helps reduce costs for you by using clips from a single filming session to create multiple, cohesive videos for your brand.

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Always professional, and they produce a quality product! As an actress and spokesperson, I am always happy to work with them.
Julie Ann Kimball Cockburn

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