our video production process

Harnessing systematic creativity

As a scalable extension of your marketing team, we’re never satisfied with “good enough.” If it’s not optimized for efficiency, then it isn’t WK. Our video production model can be broken down into three basic processes: creative, production, and distribution.

creative direction

It Starts with An Idea

Throughout the video production process, we keep your goals at the forefront for vision-driven production. Through strategic storytelling, we’re able to maintain brand consistency and bring powerful ideas to life.

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effective processes

The Power of the Hollywood Model

With our small core team and vast network of industry professionals, our clients only pay for what they need. Once we’ve got a good idea of your timeline and budget, we assemble a team of industry professionals with the right skill sets for your project. The result? Turnkey campaign execution and optimized production logistics.

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strategic distribution

Getting in Front of the Right Eyes

We won’t just package up your video and send you on your way (unless that’s what you need!). Instead, we’ll return to your original goals to create a distribution strategy that helps you reach your target audiences and maximize your video’s ROI.

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