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Commercial video ads promote your company, product, service or non-profit. These ads are typically high-level, but should tie into your brand narrative and overall marketing strategy.

Commercial video ads should grab the attention of the viewer, spark interest and get people excited about what you do. Whether you plan to run TV commercials or want to stick with a digital-only online ad campaign, WK Studios has the experience, creativity and financial background to drive ROI from your commercial videos.

Commercial video production

Generate Buzz
Commercials help brands generate buzz for a new product or service. Narrative commercial ads tell a story that viewers will remember and be excited about. Superbowl, anyone?
Call to Action
Creating commercials with your brand voice encourages viewers to take action. We work with you to create ads with measurable calls to action to increase your ROI.
Want to go viral? The best commercials are shareable and gain the most traction from viewers sharing the content on their social networks — increasing your brand awareness.
Narrative Video Commercials
Tell a story that inspires viewers to take action. Stories connect with viewers on an emotional and neurological level that helps your brand stick in their minds.
Increase Engagement
Video content is the most engaging form of content on the Internet today. Create commercial video ads and increase engagement with your viewers.
Evoke Emotion
The best commercials evoke emotion in the viewer. If your brand video can make them remember the feeling it gave them, you’re on the right path.

Why Produce
Video Ads?

filming commercial video ads
Commercial video ads are at the foundation of high-level branding content. We typically produce commercial video ads that run 30 seconds or less, but may sometimes run up to 60 seconds.

If you want to generate buzz for your brand with a motivating call to action, share-worthy commercial video ads may be the right move for your marketing strategy. WK Studios has produced local and national TV commercials and highly recommend foregoing television to focus on a digital ad campaign. Video content does well on YouTube, Facebook and other social media channels. Targeted advertising allows you to promote your commercials to the specific audiences you want to reach.

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