TV Commercial

Why Pay More for Professional Video?

We all know you can get cheap video. From the kid on the corner who is “really into” that video stuff, to the TV station that will produce your commercial for free in exchange for selling air time, to the cookie-cutter production house online, cheap video is not that hard to find. So the question […]

The Latest From WK Studios

Kuk chocolate is a chocolate producer from Portland. We had the privilege of producing his Kickstarter video. Hood River Blueberry- A fun video we did as part of the Whole Food Market, Local Producer Loan Program series. Brew Dr. Kombucha and Townshend Tea- A fun video we did as part of the Whole Food Market, […]

Gary Gruner’s Sock Puppets, Aircraft Instruments and Deschutes 25th

I’ve said it before, and I will say it again.  One of the great parts of our job is the amazing amount of variety we experience in the day-to-day.  One day we are literally hanging out of airplanes as they narrowly escape hitting a rocky, mountain ridge, and the next day we are filming sock […]

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