Crafted Visual Stories

November 4, 2020
How Video Production Companies Create ROI Through Visual Storytelling
People have told visual stories since the first time a prehistoric human smeared ochre onto a cave wall. And, just like our societies have evolved, so have the ways we tell stories. We may have replaced hand tracings and animal drawings with selfies and Tik Tok. But visual storytelling still taps into a primal part of hu...
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October 8, 2020
Creativity Through Chaos: COVID-19 Case Studies from WK Studio
Boarded up shops and locked shop doors. Time Square and California’s busiest freeways standing empty. Coyotes commandeering the Golden Gate Bridge. When coronavirus case numbers began rising across the country, the world as we knew it ground to a stop. But the storytelling didn’t. In fact, it may have made us even more c...
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September 2, 2020
The Difference Between a Brand Narrative Video and a Commercial
“Your brand is a story unfolding across all customer touch points.” — Jonah Sachs   There’s a lot of jargon in the branding, filming, and production industries that overlap. We admit the terms can be a little confusing at times, which is why we think it’s important to educate our clients and help them underst...
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August 5, 2020
How a Social Media Video Makes Your Profile Stand Out
If you stop your social scrolling to watch an interesting video, you’re certainly not alone. In fact, Social Media Today shows that “82% of all consumer internet traffic will come from online videos by 2022.” And when social sites like Instagram and Facebook started rolling out auto-play features on these videos, it was ...
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March 10, 2020
Video Projects Should Focus on Specific Desired Results
Your video project must be focused on specific desired results. This blog explains that a video production company will benefit far more from centering their focus on their clients' goals and desired results than simply completing an engaging video so they can move on to the next project. The more a video company can put...
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January 3, 2020
Reach the Right Customers with Targeted Video Distribution
Too many video production companies eagerly sign on the dotted line to produce a 50K video project and then wipe their hands clean after the video is exported. At WK Studios, we understand that a video alone without viewers is a liability and not an asset. Our clients expect ROI from their video projects that they can pr...
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