dynamic video production since 2010

You know that pit-of-your-stomach, top-of-the-rollercoaster, white-knuckle-grip feeling you get when something really exciting is about to happen? That’s us every day at White Knuckle (WK) Studios. Well, maybe not literally but you get the idea. We live for those on-the-edge-of-your-seat full speed ahead moments that a great day of filming can bring. Our passion is fueled by our clients, and we aim to create dynamic videos that bring your ideas to life. With 10 years in business and 20 in the industry, WK Studios can provide professional-level video for nearly all needs.

stories that stick with you

In every video we film, produce, and distribute we have one overarching goal: telling stories that stick. When the commercial stops being just a commercial and starts pulling on the emotional heartstrings. When a brand narrative becomes a brand manifesto. The stories that your brand needs to tell are the reason we exist.

Meet the Owner

We’re a small team with big ideas and an even bigger passion for what we do. Working on the “Hollywood Model” means that we keep our core small and hire per project. This keeps your prices low and guarantees you get the best crew to tell your story.

paul powers


Paul Powers began his professional filming career in 1998 as “Camera 2” on a nationally syndicated craft and cooking show. Since then Paul has worked on hundreds of sets, edited thousands of hours of footage, and traveled to the far corners of the earth in pursuit of a good story.

Many of Paul’s favorite memories involve filming. Whether it’s running across the Savannah in pursuit of giraffes, filming in maximum security prisons in El Salvador, or directing actors in his hometown of Bend, Oregon, Paul will do whatever it takes to tell an effective story.

Paul considers himself extremely privileged to do what he loves every single day of the year. Constantly on the search for the perfect image, Paul has invested years of study, tens of thousands of dollars worth of equipment, and countless cans of Maté into its apprehension.